MaxReusable Bag Program

What is the MaxReusable Bag Program?
Respecting our environment while servicing our customers has always been one of Boxed Market?s prime goals. It?s why we use emissions-free bicycles instead of fume-spewing trucks and reuse supplies such as bread and egg boxes across deliveries.

Our MaxReusable Bag program is the next step in that spirit of being kind to the earth. Now, instead of getting your items delivered in plastic bags, you have the option to have them delivered in our MaxReusable Bags. These bags, from 1BagAtATime, are designed to be re-used across many deliveries, removing all those plastic bags from the landfills.

When you checkout, if you choose the MaxReusable Bags option, we will add a fully refundable deposit of $1.50 per bag used in your order. Use them for your other shopping or just give them back to our delivery person on your next order and we will refund your deposit and re-use the bags again.

What are your bags made of?
Our fabric makes this bag the newest generation of reusable bags, cleaner and more user-friendly than older canvas models.

Our bags are made from 100% polypropylene (PP or plastic #5). PP is recyclable, non-toxic, allergy-free, and non-reactive to human skin. It is often used for food containers, toothbrushes, and surgical fabrics. The bag is designed to last up to 2 years of weekly usage. You can machine wash our bags in cold water (line dry). A quick wash of the bottom stiffener is all the cleaning it usually needs. Many cities accept this kind of plastic in their recycling programs.

You can find many more details about the bags at

How do I request my order to use MaxReusable Bags?
During checkout, you will see a button that says "Submit Order MaxReusable Bags". Simply click that button instead of the standard submit order button and we will deliver the items in the MaxReusable Bags.

Please note, if the order only contains restaurant products, we cannot deliver in MaxReusable Bags and you will not see this option on checkout.

How much do the bags cost?
We require a $1.50 fully refundable deposit for each bag used on your MaxReusable Bag order. If you return the bags, we will credit you for the full amount, meaning that the cost to participate is free as long as you return them for reuse.

How long can I keep the bags before returning them? Can I use them for other shopping?
You can keep the bags for up to 6 months and please feel free to use them for any other shopping you need to do. The goal of the program is to use fewer bags all around, so take them with you for your general shopping and save on those plastic bags also.

We do ask that you please return the bags in good shape for reuse without major signs of damage, other than normal wear and tear.

Can I keep the MaxReusable Bags?
Yes. Simply keep it and use it for all of your shopping. There are no charges other than the $1.50 deposit, so feel free to use the bags for all of your shopping.

Please return them within 6 months to receive your credit, however.

What do the bags look like?

You can see a sample picture of one of our MaxReusable Bags to the left. The bag has 2 strong handles that are just the right length for either hanging from your shoulder or carrying in your hand. The bag is a basic black with the Boxed Market logo on it and holds as much as 3-4 normal plastic grocery bags.

Will you ever use plastic bags with my order if I choose MaxReusable Bags? What do you do with eggs and other items that are generally bagged separately?
There are some product types where, for safety or other reasons, we may still use plastic bags. For example, fresh chicken products will be stored inside a plastic bag before putting into the MaxReusable Bags for sanitary reasons.

Also, products which are fragile, such as eggs, bread, cupcakes and puddings will not be bagged at all. Instead, we will package them in our cardboard protective boxes for transport and will simply hand them to you upon delivery, taking back the cardboard for re-use.

Can I get MaxReusable Bags with my restaurant meals?
Unfortunately, the MaxReusable Bags option is only applicable to the Boxed Market portion of your order. Any restaurant items will be packed and delivered in the restaurants normal bags.

Why do you offer paper bags instead of plastic for your non MaxReusable Bags orders?
Unfortunately, there is no great answer to the bagging issues for groceries. Paper and plastic bags are both recyclable, but only paper is made from a renewable resource (trees) while plastic is made from petroleum (oil). Boxed Market only uses paper bags that contain at least 40% recycled materials, and that are certified as made from renewable forest fiber by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (

We strongly urge you to recycle , reuse, or compost your paper bags for the maximum environmental benefit, and even MORE strongly urge you to participate in our FREE MaxReusable Bags program.

Reusable bags are the best environmental option due to the ability to continually reuse them, but we feel that paper bags are the next best option that we can offer.

If I have other green ideas for Boxed Market, who can I contact?
Please send us an email at [email protected] We would love to hear from you with any ideas to help make Boxed Market with greenest way to shop.

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