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Boxed Market makes errands and daily shopping fun and easy for New Yorkers by offering a wide range of products and delivering them within 1 hour. Check to see if you’re in our delivery radius.

Speed: 98% of our orders are delivered on time.

Selection: Our products include fresh meat and produce, fresh baked bread and other specialty food items, grocery items, drugstore items, office supplies, pet supplies, and anything else you might need. All prices are competitive with your supermarket or neighborhood drugstore—and much lower than your local bodega. If we don’t have what you want, let us know!

Service: Our Live Chat Help is available from 8AM to Midnight to answer your questions—and they’ll respond within seconds. If there’s an issue with an item, we can usually replace it within 30 minutes.

Delivery Fee: Delivery is free for orders over $125, and just $5.95 for smaller orders. Tipping is optional: our bicycle delivery staff are well compensated. We also charge a small service fee upon checkout - this cost helps to cover the cost of having full and part time employees (rather than disposable contractors) handle your orders, including the recent major increases in minimum wages and benefits.

Where Do We Get Everything?: We get most of our products from the same place as your other supermarket choices - directly from some of the top wholesale distributors in the country such as Alberts Organics, United Natural Foods, RLB Produce, or D'Artagnan Foods.

In addition, we get daily deliveries from our "Best of New York" partners, including Sugar Sweet Sunshine, Murray's Cheese, Balthazars and Wild Edibles Fish

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