In our view, it’s not enough to have a semi-large selection of goods. Stocking 90% of what you need doesn’t do the trick: it still means you have to put on your shoes and run out for wine, or birthday candles, or toothpaste.

With BoxedMarket, we’ve got you covered. Our selection is diverse and wide-ranging.

Our products include fresh meat, produce, dairy, household items, wine & spirits, over-the-counter medicines, everyday supplies for the home & office, paper products, and local gourmet and specialty foods. All are competitively priced— our prices are on par with local supermarkets and drugstores, and they beat your neighborhood deli.

Our products do not include clothing, games, appliances, furniture, books, computers and other electronics. We are here to take care of daily goods (with pleasurable added treats) — not to replace larger, more discretionary purchases.

Customer recommendations play a large part in our product selection. Each month, we’ll add about 30-50 new products. Sign up for our newsletter to get our updates. And, if we don’t have what you want, let us know!